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Merstham is a to a great extent private scattered town in four segments in the ward of Reigate and Banstead in Surrey, England. It is north of Redhill and is bordering to it. On the inverse side is the crossing point of the M25 and M23 motorways, on the edge of the North Downs. Part of the North Downs Way keeps running along the northern limit of the town. Merstham has group affiliations, an early medieval church, a football club and a craftsmanship display.

Old Merstham possesses the north and north-west of the town. There is a little day school by the train station, the Rt Art Gallery, a substantial bar, a couple of eateries and a little number of shops.

The workmanship display gathering presently (2014) incorporates unique works by Joan Miro and Henry Moore.?Toward the north-west is Quality Street, some of whose structures go back a few centuries (see the History area underneath).

The Merstham Estate/New Merstham

A bigger lodging domain, initially completely open lodging, was worked to a geometric format in the eastern fields. This territory has its own particular parade of shops, the Brook entertainment ground, three schools, and an adolescent/group focus along Radstock Way by little nation domain house Oakley which is recorded and has Victorian gothic design elements to its brick work, windows and decoration. Contact your local merstham estate agent now.

South Merstham

South Merstham is instantly south of both said ranges and is comprised of for the most part Victorian and Edwardian porches, which gave a workforce for Albury Manor, close-by chalk face quarrying, brickworkings and London commuters. Its Nutfield street has a long parade of shops.

Watercolour and Housing in Merstham

There is 2010-11 built advancement in South Merstham near Mercers Park, Watercolor with perspectives over the Greensand Ridge close Bletchingley and Nutfield. Here there is a Tesco Express coordinated underneath pads and a little determination of shops.

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A bit of the Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Railway close Quality Street

The region has been settled subsequent to pre-Roman times.

The town lay inside of the Reigate hundred, an Anglo-Saxon regulatory division. Its name was recorded in 947 as Mearstham, which is by all accounts Anglo-Saxon Mear-s?t-hm = “Estate close to a trap set for martens or weasels”.

Merstham shows up in Domesday Book of 1086 as Merstan. It was held by Archbishop Lanfranc of Canterbury. Its domesday resources were: 5 conceals; 1 church, 1 plant worth 2s 6d, 10 furrows, 8 sections of land (32,000 m2) of glade, forest and herbage worth 41 pigs. It rendered 12.

The region has for some time been known for its quarries, and it was to serve these that the town turned into the end of the Croydon, Merstham and Godstone Railway, an augmentation of the steed drawn Surrey Iron Railway of 1803, the world’s first open railway, but just for products. A little segment of the railroad is in plain view at the passage to Quality Street, Old Merstham. Shockingly, this segment has now been taken.

The main mines at Merstham are recorded very nearly 1000 years back in the Domesday Book and ‘Reigate stone’ quarried there was utilized to manufacture parts of Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and Henry VIII’s bound royal residence of Nonsuch in Surrey.

The utilization of explosive was initially shown by Alfred Nobel in Price’s Gray-lime Stone chalk quarry in July 1868. The site is presently halfway secured by the course of the M23 only east of where it goes under the Shepherd’s Hill span.

The first ward church, St. Katharine’s, dates from around 1220; it supplanted a prior chapel assembled c. 1100, despite the fact that it is accepted there has been a congregation of some structure on the site since c. 675 AD.

Merstham’s preservation range is fixated on its High Street which winds in the town focus toward the northwest, shapes part of the A23 street and incorporates numerous recorded structures; the road with the best number, Quality Street, bends off at a digression from this bend of the High Street. This was named after J.M. Barrie’s play of the same name, to pay tribute to two of the performing artists in the play, Ellaline Terris and Seymour Hicks, who for a period lived in the ‘Old Forge’ toward the end of the street. 1 High Street incompletely dates to the seventeenth century.

The prior of the two Merstham railroad passages was the scene of a homicide on 24 September 1905. The ruined collection of Mary Sophia Money was found in the passage and was first thought to be an instance of suicide. On examination, notwithstanding, a scarf was found in the casualty’s throat, and imprints on the passage divider demonstrated that she had been tossed from a moving train. The wrongdoing was never settled, however suspicion laid on her sibling, Robert Money.

After World War II, the Merstham Estate was bit by bit worked over a period crossing until the mid 1970s.?The old town subsequently turned out to be for the most part known as Old Merstham and at times is known as Top Merstham, albeit no streets climb altogether with the exception of a couple of streets in the north and the A23 itself takes a characteristic plunge to 110m above ocean level, maintaining a strategic distance from ascends to more than 220m to either side. The article on this street gives more subtle elements of this being an old course from north to south, host to the yearly London to Brighton Veteran Car Run and comparable occasions, (for example, in cycling). Contact your best estate agent in Merstham now.

Rockshaw Road, on the peak over the preservation territory of Old Merstham, was created at the very end of the nineteenth century, and between the World Wars was home to numerous broadly outstanding individuals, among them senior Army and Navy figures, agents and politicians.

All Saints Church

At the intersection of Battlebridge Lane and Nutfield Road is All Saints church, the first working of which was pulverized in World War II. Volunteers from the Canadian regiments attempted to fabricate a makeshift church for the town, which got to be known as Canada Hall and is utilized as a town lobby and week by week meeting corridor for some Merstham branches of the Girl Guides.

Sport and leisure

Merstham has a non-League football club, Merstham F.C., which plays at the Moatside. It additionally has a cricket club which plays in Fullers alliance division two.?Merstham Mines is a surrendered mine that is a famous giving in destination.


London transports hurried to Croydon, Coulsdon, Purley and Redhill town focus. Metrobus works transports to Reigate, Caterham and Woldingham.?The town is served by Merstham railroad station on the Brighton Main Line, with administrations to London Bridge, London Victoria and Gatwick Airport. These great links mean?buying a new home in?Merstham is a great decision.

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